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QuickBites provides a safe and simple way for customers to place orders from their favorite restaurants and for those restaurants to provide food pick-up while maintaining the protocols that keep us safe during this health crisis.

We provide a quick and easy ordering and payment process, and pick-up is as simple as parking next to the QuickBites sign outside the restaurant where you placed your order and clicking a link that is conveniently texted to your phone.

QuickBites is finishing up beta testing, and is working with select restaurants only.

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Easily add food items to cart from as many restaurants as you want. Payment is taken through QuickBites to eliminate contact through money exchange.


Receive a text from each restaurant to let you know your food is ready. Click the link in the text to let employees know you have arrived.


Make sure to park at the QuickBites sign. An employee will bring your order to your car. Enjoy your meal!

Do you own a restaurant?

QuickBites has been created to help the restaurant industry navigate the new norms and increased safety protocols required to operate in a pandemic state. The restaurant industry as a whole has been asked to do the impossible–to transform businesses entirely, without the proper monetary assistance or necessary guidance for how to do so.

The creators of QuickBites specialize in small business growth, and we used our expertise to create an online tool that targets audiences that restaurants have lost due to the pandemic, and bring them back in a way that is safe for both customers and employees. Our goal is not to skim profits off an already hard hit industry, but to bring in a customer base that struggling businesses wouldn't otherwise have–helping to save the restaurant industry, one kitchen at a time! 

It's free to join–apply instantly online!

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Safety Information

Maintaining social distancing and sanitation protocols are vital to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and for those dealing with the handling of food, this is especially important. Without an understanding of what protocols are being used in the kitchens or by restaurant employees, many of us are forgoing our favorite take-out meals.

QuickBites was designed to make the take-out process safe, and to give customers access to the policies that each restaurant has implemented while preparing food to protect against COVID-19. We require that all restaurants provide these details to the public in order to participate in QuickBites so that customers can make informed decisions for the safety of themselves and their families.

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We are proud to present the restaurants seen in our preliminary listings as businesses that are showing leadership roles in their communities by pledging and participating in a level of safety that goes above and beyond requirements set by their communities. These leaders in the restaurant industry are showing their commitment to their customers by prioritizing the public's health over economic motivations, and promoting a culture of safety positivity. 

If you don't see your favorite eats in our listing, QuickBites encourages you to help spread the word. Be an advocate for pandemic awareness--help promote a mentality of consideration and safety in your community by talking with your local favorites about this free and helpful tool.

With QuickBites, safety doesn't have to impede convenience or require sacrifice.  Creative solutions can keep us united.

Participating Restaurants

All of your favorite restaurants, all in one place! Can't decide? You can order from multiple restaurants and pay in one easy transaction.

Port Townsend, WA

How we got started

Bootstrap Commercial Arts is a local advocacy and activist group with a mission to fight injustice through the power of commercial art. Bootstrap’s four arms address real world issues by providing services, education, opportunities, and products that set an example of honesty and transparency while proliferating a culture of accountability and trust.

Our small business marketing arm has joined with another local business, Slow Mode Technologies, to create QuickBites, a collaboration focused on helping the community function in this extraordinary and uncertain time. With this information and the safety protocols included in the QuickBites pick-up process, it is our hope that we can keep local businesses alive and that we can return a small aspect of normal life to our community.

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We’ve been working hard to create this tool as quickly as possible, and are in our early stages of release. 

We are proud to present the restaurants that are showing leadership roles in their communities by pledging and participating in a level of safety that goes above and beyond requirements set by their communities.