Online curbside take-out ordering for restaurants, safely and easily.

QuickBites was created to help small business owners like you.

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Pivot your business to focus on take-out orders, or use QuickBites as an additional sales funnel
Especially while COVID-19 social distancing guidelines are in place

Restaurants have been hit especially hard by the mandates and social distancing that have been implemented to keep the public safe. With QuickBites, restaurants band together in customer protection and in advertising, helping the industry survive as a whole without risk to the loyal patrons that support these individual businesses.

The main fear from the public is lack of information.
Restaurants that have stayed open in this crisis still struggle to keep the public trust due to the lack of standardized safety protocols or unified oversight that would normally ensure public safety. QuickBites was designed to help restaurants communicate with the public about the protocols taken in the kitchen that ensure public safety and build back that trust. The fear that is keeping customers away can be alleviated with this knowledge, and customers that have foregone their favorite meals will return to keep businesses alive.

QuickBites requires all restaurants to provide accurate and thorough safety protocol information for their listing in order to participate. Applicants that are not taking reasonable safety precautions will be rejected.

Robust sales reporting

Self-managed online menu

Daily direct deposits

Create coupons and sales

Multi-restaurant orders

QuickBites gives your restaurant a new way to serve customers without any financial risk:

No contract
no commitment

Free online menu
conversion &
no signup cost

Simple payment
processing fee

Food Safety

Studies show that restaurants with open dining areas increase the transmission of COVID-19. Improve the safety of both your employees & customers by limiting in-person interactions. Build trust with the public by showing that your business prioritizes customer safety.

  • No-contact online ordering, payments, & tips
  • Curbside take-out
  • Communicate safety protocols - build public trust


The QuickBites process has been designed to make ordering straightforward and simple for both customers and restaurants. QuickBites encourages repeat customers by providing a consistent and familiar interface, a trustworthy process, and in site tools that encourage re-ordering.

  • Automated process assists employees and customers
  • Saved customer history makes re-ordering easy
  • Reduced staff time for the take-out process


Using QuickBites reduces your overhead and labor costs while improving the efficiency of the take-out process. With a fully automated customer and vendor interface, orders are more accurate and staff load is reduced.

  • Stay open for business with a closed dining room
  • Reduce the need for front-of-house employees
  • Eliminate the need for sanitation protocols that protect customers indoors
  • Eliminate phone ordering errors


QuickBites functions as an effective marketing tool for your restaurant, online and in the community. Curbside pick-up signs give credibility to potential customers through brand recognition and location specific browsing tools suggest your restaurant to viewers while they search. QuickBites was created by local businesses Bootstrap Commercial Arts and Slow Mode Technologies specifically to keep our valued restaurant industry alive in this very difficult time. We work every month to create and refine traditional and digital advertisements & serve structured data to Google for the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) possible. QuickBites is dedicated to providing new promotional tools and widespread advertising to assist your business as the industry struggles.

  • Curbside signs at every participating restaurant
  • Google and Facebook digital ads
  • Improve your restaurant’s SEO
  • Site-wide (all restaurants) gift certificates
  • Cross promotion - customers find new restaurants through location specific searches

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We’ve been working hard to create this tool as quickly as possible, and are in our early stages of release. 

We are proud to present the restaurants that are showing leadership roles in their communities by pledging and participating in a level of safety that goes above and beyond requirements set by their communities.